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How to Log into Heavyjob
Last Updated 10 months ago

Log in to HeavyJob Manager

  1. Ensure you have the J drive mapped. If you do not, please open a ticket with IT, or you can map the drive yourself. The server location is bcc-hcss-hj-2\hcss
  2. On your desktop, Double-click the shortcut called "Heavyjob-Enterprise"
  3. A new window will appear. Please select the desired company.
  4. Do not enter a user ID or password. Click on the OK button.
  5. If the login is not successful, please submit an IT Ticket. Otherwise, you should receive the Welcome Message.
  6. You can either choose a job in the list, or click on the X in the upper right corner. This screen only displays your history of job access. It may be blank.

Please see your manager for training on how to operate in HeavyJob. If you need assistance opening a job, please visit this KB.

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