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How to Share your Calendar
Last Updated 3 years ago

To share your Outlook Calendar with other people in the organization, perform the following:

  1. Open your Calendar
  2. At the top ribbon, click on the Share Calendar button
  3. Click the To: and add the individuals you wish to share with.
  4. Please a check mark next to Allow recipient to view your Calendar and/or Request permission to view recipient's Calendar
  5. In the Details drop down, select the permission level you want to share:
    1. Available only: They will only see if you are free or busy
    2. Limited details: In addition to availability, shows the subject of appointments
    3. Full details: Show the availability, Subject and details of the calendar appointment
  6. Click Send. A confirmation message will appear; click Yes to finish.
  7. Once the user(s) get the sharing invitation or sharing request, they will have to click on Open this calendar for it to be added to their calendar list. In case of a request, the receiver can click the buttons Allow or Deny in the message.

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