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How to Configure the HeavyBid to Primavea (P6) Export
Last Updated 10 months ago

Details on how to configure the integration between HeavyBid and the Primavera P6 scheduling system are below.

Prerequisites for API, Primavera P6 PPM:
  • Java JDK 8u121 (or higher).
  • HeavyBid 2017.1 or higher.
  • Primavera P6 PPM version 16.2 or higher: Database, Client Application, and Integration_API.
  • Windows 7, 8, 10
Primavera Install Instructions:
  1. Install Java JDK 8u121 (or higher)
  2. Create a new System Environment Variable: JAVA_HOME
  3. Set the value of JAVA_HOME to the path of the Java JDK 1.8 installation
  4. Install Database
    • Launch dbsetup.bat from the main Database folder
  5. Install Client Application (Typical)
    • Launch setup.exe from the application's main folder
  6. If prompted install the appropriate .Net version
  7. Install Integration_API
    • Launch setup.exe from the Integration_API\Disk1\install folder
    • The current version can be found through the following path: \\Mrburns\it\Applications\Public\Primavera\P6-16.2.4\P6Pro_R162_Integration_API
Note: Full Primavera installation instructions can be found here

HeavyBid Setup for API - Primavera PG PPM:
  1. Set the path to the Primavera PM.exe application
  2. Set the Primavera username and password
  3. Check the Use Primavera Integration API checkbox
  4. Enter the Database Instance Number
  5. Set Communication Mode to Local
  6. Set the path to the installed Primavera Integration API folder

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