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Barracuda SPAM Quarantine
Last Updated 3 years ago


The Barracuda SPAM Quarantine system manages our inbound email to help keep unwanted SPAM from clogging up your inbox.  This system can be managed by you.  Below are some tips and suggestions to help:

  1. Log into the SPAM Quarantine website:
  2. Your password is the same password you log into your computer with.

Once logged in, it will bring you to the Quarantine Inbox tab which shows all emails that are considered SPAM. You can globally act on the emails or choose what to do on an individual basis.  There are six options you can choose:

  1. Not Spam: will deliver email and lower the SPAM score going forward.  PLEASE NOTE: this will not whitelist the email.
  2. Spam: will raise the SPAM score in the system.  It may show up again, but most likely in the SPAM Quarantine. 
  3. Deliver: clicking this button will auto-deliver to your mailbox without marking it as not spam or spam
  4. Delete: will delete the email not marking it as spam
  5. Whitelist: will deliver and add to your whitelist to prevent the email from being held up again
  6. Re categorize: you can define what type of email it is.  This is not the preferred method of filtering. Actively choosing Spam or Not Spam will teach the filter your preferences.

Under the settings tab, there are four options:

  1. Quarantine Notification: in this section you can specify how often you want to be notified
  2. Sender Policy: you can specify senders to block, exempt or quarantine 
  3. Linked Accounts: view email aliases tied to your primary account.  You can unlink but please do not do this unless directed
  4. Password: change your password

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